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As Trump falters, more Republicans say they'll block Clinton

28 October 2016

CHICAGO The Republican Party's grip on US state legislatures could loosen in next month's election as Democrats seek to link Republican candidates to the sinking fortunes of the party's White House candidate, Donald Trump.

"We shouldn't be holding things as a blackmail", King told CNN, saying the vote for speaker should take place at the same time it always happens and even those who vote against Ryan in the secret ballot contest should be bound by the will of the broader conference which he confidently predicted would re-elect Ryan.

Trump will continue to raise money in other ways but will spend the remainder of the campaign on the road as he trails Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton in many battleground states.

Democratic President Barack Obama, who is still relatively popular, won at least one of his two White House races in most of the states where Republicans now are struggling, such as New Hampshire, Pennsylvania and Nevada.

The dispute follows years of court battles over legislation, primarily in Republican-led states, to require voters to present photo identification and curtailing practices such as early voting that tend to increase the turnout of poor and minority voters who tend to favor Democrats.

There are also several close Congressional races in NY where Presidential candidate preference and turn out could affect the race.

The Cook Political Report assessed that GOP lawmakers in competitive races had been effectively distancing themselves from GOP nominee Donald Trump's more controversial proposals and statements. "Nor do we coordinate with the Trump campaign or any other campaign or party organization in any efforts they may make in this area". "Trump will sign just about anything he passes".

Donald Trump throws counter punch after Joe Biden comments
That includes when a sitting vice president says at a rally that he's ready for fisticuffs with Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump.

According to Jessica Post, executive director of the Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee (DLCC), which is working to elect Democratic state lawmakers, "Trump is quicksand for legislative Republicans".

Democrats say the tactic is flawed because it relies on two unlikely occurrences: Republicans repelled by Trump showing up to vote anyway, or people splitting their ticket between Clinton and a GOP congressional candidate.

"Given the overall environment, it tilts to Hassan", Scala said. It also notes that 10 days after that rally, Michigan Republican Party Chairwoman Ronna Romney McDaniel announced a "massive statewide anti-voter fraud effort" to keep Hillary Clinton from "stealing" the election.

If Clinton were to win the White House, Democrats would need only four seats to win control of the chamber.

Some of the ads are being funded by a last-minute infusion of cash from the Senate Leadership Fund, a major super PAC focused on Senate races and run by allies of Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell. Democrats have not won a race for a House seat in the state in more than 20 years.

In recent weeks, though, after the charges of sexual harassment against Trump became public, Flanagan said through a spokesman that the comments were "offensive and intolerable", and "do not represent the values" of the Senate Republicans.