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Pennsylvania's population declined between 2015 and '16

21 December 2016

New York's population dropped by 1,894 people between 2015 and 2016, estimates this month from the U.S. Census Bureau showed.

A new report shows that over 191,000 people left NY between 2015 and 2016.

Utah was the nation's fastest-growing state, increasing by 2%.

Jones said he'd need to wait for the bureau to release county-level population estimates next year to get a better sense of the reasons behind the changes. "... I would suspect by the end of the decade, if this pattern continues, we'll see a much higher percent growth than we did last decade". The next two on the list were Florida and NY who had over 19.5 million people in their respective states and no other states came close to those four.

In pure numbers, the Sunshine State gained the second-most number of people in a year - an additional 367,000 residents.

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Florida continues to distance itself from ny: the Sunshine State now has 867,000 more people than ny.

California's population is already the largest in the United States and it has increased.

"You saw a slowdown in the oil industry in the past year as well as the agricultural industry", said Iverson, who estimated the state's out-migration at 4,684 people. Only Utah's populations is growing faster. West Virginia had the greatest decline rate this year.

More people have been leaving IL than any other state, according to a report from the United States Census Bureau. That's down almost 10,000 from the July 2015 estimate and down about 23,000 from 2010. Call him at 435-674-6261.