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Body of Former 'Bridalplasty' Reality Show Contestant Found in Shallow Grave

22 December 2016

Los Angeles police have arrested a man for investigation of murder and are searching his home for the body of a former reality TV show contestant who went missing over the weekend.

Jackie Jerome Rogers, a 34-year-old nursing student who accompanied Naegle to the party but claimed he left without her, was booked on suspicion of murder Wednesday morning and is being held on $2,000,000 bail, according to the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department jail records.

Naegle competed with other brides for a dream wedding and a plastic surgery procedure in the 2010 reality show.

The news site reported that Rogers, one of her nursing students, confessed to striking Naegle seven times on the head with a hammer when she told him she was breaking up with him to recommit to her husband of five years.

LAPD detectives and the L.A. Coroner's office headed to the suspect's home on Tuesday afternoon, where Naegle's body is expected to be found, according to the LAPD's public information office.

They had been searching for Lisa Marie Naegle since Sunday morning, when she told her husband she was going to get something to eat after a friend's birthday party, but never returned home.

Doctors were awaiting autopsy results to determine the cause of the E! reality show contestant's death.

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"Her family wants her home".

Police and the coroner's office were investigating on December 21, 2016, one day after a body was found buried in a Lennox yard.

At the time of her disappearance Lisa's husband, Derek Harryman, begged for her to return home.

'We went and we looked at the film and she left with him, ' her brother, Rafael Chavez, told the Daily Breeze Of Torrance. The footage showed Naegle and Rogers leaving the party together. He later claimed that they left the venue together, but that she'd gotten out of his auto at Torrance Boulevard and Vermont Avenue, according to the Daily Breeze. Fearing the worst, The Daily Breeze says the family reported Naegle missing.

The family said Rogers denied leaving the party with Naegle when confronted. Naegle-Kaimona said police later told her that Rogers said during questioning that he was having an affair with Naegle.

By that point, the shifting details in his story had alarmed the family to the point where they contacted the police. Naegle and Harryman were reportedly trying to start a family.

Body of Former 'Bridalplasty' Reality Show Contestant Found in Shallow Grave