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Betsy DeVos's ethics review raises further questions for Democrats and watchdogs

27 January 2017

The Senate Health, Education, Labor and Pensions Committee will vote on Devos' nomination Tuesday, January 31.

Murray also said she was "stunned" and "energized" by the amount of people who marched in Spokane and across the country Saturday in protest of the Trump campaign rhetoric. Betsy DeVos has devoted decades of her life and literally millions of her personal assets toward the goal of public-school reforms that promised a superior education for every American child. School choice gives our children a chance to get the best education possible at a traditional public school, charter school, magnet school, virtual school, private school or religious school that's of their choice. Should Ms. DeVos be confirmed as Secretary of Education, she must become more familiar with the law and commit to ensuring that it is fully-funded and enforced.

Perhaps most surprising of all was DeVos' failure to discuss her opinion of Title 1, the vitally important mechanism by which the federal government provides financial support to benefit the nation's poorest students.

DeVos is one of the nominees Democrats have zeroed in on, hoping that the controversy surrounding her will convince enough Republicans to vote to block the appointment.

King, an independent and former two-time governor of ME, said he will vote to confirm former South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley as ambassador to the United Nations and Elaine Chao as transportation secretary. The school works to help find families discounts and savings programs, but say the private school you pay for goes beyond just what happens in the classroom. DeVos, however, has a long history of fighting to drain money from public schools into private schools. Instead, she has advocated pulling money away for public schools, maintained Menendez.

Her work has empowered families, especially those from underserved communities, with access to an education that better prepares their children for success from the earliest grades through high school and beyond. Mrs. DeVos was, at the time, the chair of the Republican Party of MI and, as fellow Midwesterners, we got to know her, her politics and, most importantly, her heart while serving side-by-side as volunteer party leaders. That is a big deal breaker because, according to the National Center for Education Statistics, approximately 50.4 million students attended a public school in fall 2016 while only 5.2 million attended a private school.

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During her confirmation hearing, DeVos was asked by Sen. DeVos has championed charter schools as an alternative to failing public schools, so that decreases the influence of powerful teachers' unions who rule public education.

Clearly, the public education system is not flawless. Elizabeth Warren of MA on her lack of experience in financial aid or higher education.

Her confirmation hearing showed that she simply has no knowledge of the complex inner workings of our education system.

DeVos is a problem for American education, but she represents two problems that unfortunately relate to educational leaders at all levels. "If they haven't had any educational experience-they haven't ever been a teacher, a principal, a superintendent of a district-they're going to come at it from a business perspective".

When it comes to the education of our children across Memphis, I try to represent children and parents who don't have an association or lobbying group pushing their agenda in legislative chambers.

Betsy DeVos's ethics review raises further questions for Democrats and watchdogs