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'Shame!': Education Secretary DeVos blocked by protesters in first school visit

14 February 2017

Besty DeVos, the recently elected Secretary of Education, was briefly blocked on her way to visit Jefferson Middle School Academy on Friday, Feb. 10. Vice President Mike Pence came off the bench to cast the deciding vote in her favor, 51-50.

Weingarten and her allies have had their say against DeVos - pushing every Democratic senator, plus two Republicans, to vote against her confirmation.

DeVos was confirmed by the U.S. Senate on Tuesday after running into stiff opposition during her confirmation hearings.

Two Republicans, Susan Collins of ME and Lisa Murkowski of Alaska, joined Democrats in a marathon effort to derail the nomination of the wealthy Republican donor.

The protest was originally organized by the Washington Teacher's Union and started off peacefully.

Charter schools and vouchers have allowed politicians to avoid the hard work of rebuilding urban public school systems that largely serve black and Latino students.

As I teacher, I object to DeVos' appointment because she has no experience, empathy or interest in working with public schools. "That is not the message to send to our children". Now more than ever, we need a champion in the Department of Education who will work alongside parents, teachers, and administrators to ensure the educational success of our children.

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A bigger issue than DeVos needs to be dealt with. Therefore, when expectations are low and you're in a district with underperforming charter and public schools, there is no incentive to improve and parents are left with one bad school choice after another. "The best thing about our education system is that teachers are in the classroom and they're teaching our students and to quite honest, we can still do that", said Simmons. "None of that mattered: Against her and (so far) only her, Democrats went to the barricades and even dragged a couple of wavering Republicans along with them".

Keep in mind, the job entails having control over part of financial aid, public schools and universities, as well as authority in advising the president in programs and policies regarding education. On the contrary, in MI she has devoted considerable energy and money to diverting resources away from public schools to private and for-profit charter schools.

One Twitter user replied to DeVos" question by telling her she could find pencils "At the store.

Really, the only way you can sustain an argument that charter schools are un-American is to do away with the ethos of the founding all together, and interpret the American experience from 1840 on; then, I suppose, you have a case.

Let's face it: the DeVos nomination had much more to do with politics than with education. Union members, while opposing Mrs. DeVos' confirmation, greeted the education secretary in peace and said they hoped she would be successful, WJLA reported.

"It's President Trump's fourth week in office, and Betsy DeVos" first week as Education Secretary.