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Drug catapult found with 47-pounds of weed at US-Mexico border

16 February 2017

Border Patrol agents in the area of the Douglas Port of Entry, southeast of Tucson, on February 10 noticed a few people on the south side of the fence who ran away as the agents approached.

Border Patrol agents seized the marijuana and called Mexican authorities to investigate the contraption.

Border officials in the United States and Mexico worked together recently to dismantle a catapult that had been attached to the border fence in Douglas to launch drugs over the border.

As the officers approached the border fence, a group of men ran off.

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Drug traffickers are going medieval in their attempts to smuggle marijuana into the U.S. They searched the area and located two bundles of marijuana.

Authorities say a catapult used to launch drugs from Mexico into the United States has been found and dismantled.

The agency said in a statement that it has seized the drugs, which weighed about 50 pounds combined.

Additionally, they also have put vehicle ramps next to the border fence or wall, and used light aircraft to drop shipments in the desert.