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HTC wants 6 or 7 profitable smartphones this year

17 February 2017

HTC is making a mobile VR headset that's being described as something different than Google Daydream View and similar headsets. Unfortunately, the company's not opening up about what that entails just yet.

As HTC is the creator of what many consider to be the best VR headset on the market, this promises to be an exciting new development.

If you aren't sold on virtual reality, mobile VR is an affordable way to try it out and HTC could offer a more impressive alternative to the Gear VR.

Not much is known about HTC's upcoming mobile VR headset, but one can assume that it would take up the space between existing smartphone-powered headsets like Samsung's Gear VR and high-end systems like the HTC Vive.

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According to Cnet, HTC's new VR device will be compatible with its latest flagship smartphone the HTC U Ultra and will give consumers the convenience of experiencing VR content wherever they go.

During the call, CEO Cher Wang said: "I am pleased with the overall performance over the past year, with innovation triumphing in all of our focus product areas. while we continue to enhance efficiencies across all key processes". The way it will work is by simply plugging it in to a smartphone. We can't know for sure what he means by that but we can be sure that it's going to give Google and Samsung some tough competition.

VR or smartphones? What should be HTC's priority in 2017? It's been a big deal for the previous year or so where, following the crowdfunding success of the Oculus Rift (which was subsequently purchased by Facebook), every Tom, Dick, and Harry tech OEM has created their own equivalent. The company made a decision to unveil its sales percentages and from there we can see that HTC has an operating loss of $116.

For all of 2016, revenues amounted to NT$78.1 billion, operating losses totaled NT$14.61 billion. Nonetheless, we can expect that HTC will unveil this headset during the third quarter of 2017.