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Alien: Covenant "Prologue: Last Supper"

24 February 2017

Perhaps the most iconic scene in 1979's Alien is when the crew gathers for a meal (supper?) and John Hurt has his chest evacuated by a nasty little bugger, preceded by a coughing fit.

Covenant that aired during FX's Legion replayed footage from the first teaser trailer, where a crew member locked out a cohort and the emerging alien in her path.

When we heard that James Franco and Danny McBride were both going to be in this movie, some fans wondered if this was going to be a freaky stoner comedy that happened to feature a xenomorph - but that is not the case. For that, we'll have to wait for May 19 this year, when the movie hits cinemas. The paradise that they thought the planet to be will soon become their worst nightmare... An nearly five-minute long prologue aired last night before FX's Marvel show Legion, showing the crew enjoying one final night together before the enter cryosleep and being their colonization mission. The clip shows that the entire crew is made up of couples, and that they're heading to a planet they can colonize.

Now We Know That James Franco Is The Captain, But Why Is He Sick? And the almost five-minute prologue is filled with hints of what's in store.

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20th Century Fox released a photo showing the cast of the upcoming space thriller Alien: Covenant.

It's about time the Alien series got an openly LGBTQ character.

Alien: Covenant follows the crew as they discover "what they think is an uncharted paradise, but is actually a dark, unsafe world", a synopsis said. What do you think of this excerpt? In this desolate and risky new world, they "uncover a threat beyond their imagination" from which they must escape.

Alien: Covenant