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President Trump has historically low job approval

28 February 2017

Reports state that former US President Barack Obama began his presidency in 2008 with a net positive rating of 34 percent in comparison to Trump's, who stands at a net negative rating of -4 percent.

Trump also continues to register particularly dismal ratings when it comes to his temperament, with just 18 per cent giving his demeanour a thumbs up compared to 55 per cent who rank it as poor.

The mainstream media is in open warfare with Trump. While only 43 percent said they have a positive view of Trump and 59 percent said they don't like him personally, 86 percent agreed with the president's claim during his inaugural speech that a group of insiders was getting rich off the little guy.

"And I said, give me a break because I know the people who they talked to; there were no nine people but they say, nine people, and somebody reads it and they think, "oh, nine people".

While half of the country agrees with the president that he's getting a bad deal from the media, 48 percent of those surveyed also disapproved of the job Trump has done thus far.

Six-in-ten Americans said they are hopeful and optimistic about the future of the country, including an overwhelming 87 percent of Republicans (but just 37 percent of Democrats). But that last one may be the most alarming: Trump has officially declared the news media "the enemy of the American People".

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Keith Williston of Independence, Mo., is among the 29 per cent of Republican voters surveyed who thought Trump's communication through Twitter was irresponsible.

President Donald Trump has continued to go through a stressed relationship with the national press. He ordered a travel ban aimed at people from seven Muslim majority nations. Overall, 44 percent say the policy is necessary, while 45 percent disagree.

Also, the poll found that 32 percent supported President Trump's Supreme Court nomination of Neil Gorsuch, while 20 percent opposed his nomination. Sixty percent said they feel hopeful and optimistic, while 40 percent said they feel anxious and pessimistic. That being said, if he keeps his promises, especially on job creation and trade-the president should have solid footing going into 2018 and 2020.

Not just Spicer, but the First Amendment that guarantees a free press is at the very core of the US Constitution, which Trump took an oath to protect when he was sworn-in as the president. To get a fifth of the party to say anyway that the media's exaggerating his problems, the perceptions of bias must be awfully strong, even among the opposition. Before the November election, 54 percent of Republicans expressed the view that the system was stacked against people like them.

He was also 11 points lower than any other USA leader in history for readings taken in mid-February, according to the results which surveyed 1,527 United States citizens. The margin of error for 1000 respondents is +/- 3.1 percent.