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Residents puzzled to find tap water running pink

09 March 2017

But residents of the small Alberta town of Onoway were left puzzled and not a little bit alarmed to discover bright pink water running from their taps Monday night.

Instead of crystal clear water the town of Onoway, Alberta, with almost 1,000 people, had "very, very pink" liquid gushing out from their sinks on Monday.

CTV reports that the mayor of the town, which is about an hour northwest of Edmonton, issued a statement in which he blamed the water's reddish hue to potassium permanganate, a chemical disinfectant used to treat wastewater and, among other things, remove hydrogen sulfide, which produces a rotten egg smell. "Thanks town of Onoway", posted Trevor Winfield, along with a video of his bathroom sink filling up with Pepto-coloured water.

In a statement, the Mayor said: "The reservoir was drained, however some of the chemical still made it into the distribution system". "Potassium permanganate is used in normal treatment processes to help remove iron and manganese and residents were never at risk". By Tuesday many households had bright pink drinking water. The substance, called potassium permanganate, had turned the water pink.

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Imagine turning the tap and having neon pink liquid pour out instead of clear water.

"It started out with my neighbour asking me if I had pink water, and I'm like "I don't think so", Vicki Van Zanten Heale said. "Absolutely, without a doubt", said Krasnow. The mayor added that Alberta Environment officials would be visiting the town to review its system to prevent the situation from occurring again. "And we do apologize for that".

"It was weird. I just didn't use it, I had leftovers, I put what we had in the microwave, I didn't need water to make supper".

"It was very, very pink".

Residents puzzled to find tap water running pink