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Express yourself with Gboard for Android's newest features

12 March 2017

The report provides an example of this feature by describing a scenario where one is chatting with a friend about a famous restaurant and when the need arises to tell them the location, all one needs to do is to type out "it's at" and Google will step in with an autocomplete suggestion of the address.

Gboard, Google's attempt to further infiltrate your phone by way of a keyboard application, is rolling out an update this morning that will introduce a handful of new features, including GIF and emoji suggestions as you type, easier voice typing, Google Translate, and more keyboard themes.

Apart from the translation feature, users will also get GIF and emoji suggestions in their keyboard, which they would be able use even when using non-Google apps such as Facebook Messenger and Snapchat.

The theme selector UI now separates solid color themes, recently used themes, and "Landscapes" into separate rows with which you can select. As the user types something on the keyboard, emojis and GIF searches will appear in the strip of suggestions.

This new version of Gboard, TechCrunch notes, will initially be only available to Android. Simply tap the Translate icon and voila.

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Interestingly, Google has added support for languages written from right-to-left (like Arabic, Hebrew, and Farsi) for search and share features within its Gboard app.

The search giant says that it has made voice typing easier and an update to the user interface enables users to switch back to regular typing easily. There's no word yet on a definite release schedule for iOS.

Gboard was first released for iOS, followed by Android almost seven months later. Instead of leaving your messaging app to translate a word or phrase, now you can translate your text right in the Gboard app.

"Searching and sending stuff on your phone shouldn't be that hard".

Google's keyboard has also improved voice to text by updating the interface. Now, Gboard will do it all right there for you.

Express yourself with Gboard for Android's newest features