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McDonald's Just Deleted This Tweet Savaging Donald Trump

18 March 2017

Supporters of President Donald Trump are urging for a boycott of McDonalds after the fast food giant's official account Tweeted that the president is "disgusting" and "has small hands".

McDonald's later tweeted that its account was "compromised" but has since been secured.

The company said that the account was "hacked by an external source".

Other Twitter users responded to the original McDonald's tweet, with some joking that they would visit McDonald's more as a result.

The tweet, sent Thursday morning, was pinned to the top of the account before it was pulled from its feed.

Trump also starred in an advert for McDonald's back in 2002, boasting about his deal-making prowess to company mascot Grimace.

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When McDonald's calls itself a "modern, progressive burger company", what it means is that it hopes to "lure back customers" by selling superficially higher-end products for low prices.

McDonald's came under fire by Trump supporters after an anti-Trump tweet was posted from the restaurant's Twitter handle.

Still, there are often cheap and easy ways to secure social media accounts.

Trump, who is known to enjoy fast food quite a bit, once appeared in a commercial for McDonald's. The prevailing conspiracy theory is that some fed-up social media professional chose to wield their company's PR might to further their own political leanings.

That tweet included a new hashtag, #BoycottMcDonalds. "The strategy here is, 'How can I make my position go viral?' The old strategy is to say something that is blatantly provocative, but the new one is to hitchhike on a major brand". He's previously praised the restaurant and other fast food chains, including posting a photo of himself eating McDonald's on his private jet during his campaign past year.

This one was actually pretty easy to accomplish, because as it turns out, McDonald's and Trump have a history.

McDonald's Just Deleted This Tweet Savaging Donald Trump