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How two girls in leggings put airline dress codes in the spotlight

28 March 2017

"Our regular passengers are not going to be denied boarding because they are wearing leggings or yoga trousers", the spokesman told The Washington Post. Even better, they can extend this privilege to a select number of what we call "pass riders".

The Twitterverse went nuts over what is considered "properly clothed".

"@united Why aren't you allowing girls to wear leggings on flights?" "They wear yoga trousers all of the time when flying".

The flight company responded with a series of tweets and official press releases defending their "no leggings" policy.

United's other restrictions against clothing that is "provocative", "inappropriately revealing" or "offensive" leave plenty of room for interpretation. Since when did leggings become inappropriate attire?

Delta replied to a tweet calling their statement a "cheap shot" and requesting they share their own policy for non-revenue passengers, saying "We don't have an item-specific clothing policy, but we encourage no swimwear, sleepwear or underwear as your outerwear".

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She continued: "As a woman and a mother, I was uncomfortable and angered by what unfolded at the Denver airport". A spokesman for United Airlines contacted by The Washington Post told the paper that the girls in question were "not in compliance with our dress code policy for company benefit travel".

Chrissy also lent her thoughts to the issue, insisting she's flown in "just a top as a dress".

Delta poked rival United Airlines on Monday afternoon when it tweeted a not-so-subtle message about its rivals recent controversy on Twitter that sparked over the weekend. They told us two other girls were turned away and not allowed to board because they didn't have any other clothing. The representative also explained the girls were travelling on a discounted ticket and the dress code is stricter because they represent the airline. The reason? They were wearing leggings.

Dress codes are a lose-lose situation for everyone. It explained that the passengers were, indeed, traveling as "pass riders".

The airline took a swipe at competitor United on Monday, one day after an obscure dress code requirement at that airline caused a kerfuffle on Twitter. Comedian Sarah Silverman said the rules were still sexist, to whomever they applied. Also, there's no doubt that the definition of "appropriate" has changed since the days when most people thought they were supposed to get dressed up to fly. He did not know if they had boarded a later flight or made alternate travel arrangements.

"As is common across airlines, JetBlue crew members and their friends and relatives flying with free flight passes are asked to maintain certain minimum dress standards and be well-groomed at all times", a spokesperson from the airline said in a statement to T+L.

How two girls in leggings put airline dress codes in the spotlight