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'Big mother of a snake' photobombs mum's snap of two-year-old daughter

02 April 2017

An Aussie mum taking photos of her daughter in the outback has captured the scary moment a huge brown snake slithers past her two-year-old.

Bianca Dickinson was outside snapping some photos of her toddler, Molly, at their home in Australia, according to ABC.

She said it was lucky Molly didn't notice, nor did the snake touch her.

Mrs Dickinson said it was a good reminder that snakes are still active, even when it was not a hot day.

"It was really windy", she said.

An enormous eastern brown snake somehow managed to sneak into the Australian photographer mom's snap, slithering past just centimetres from little Molly.

'We were waiting for the bigger kids to get off the bus from school - that's why she is pointing and looking excited because she has just seen her older siblings.

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"It's still making me sick looking at this", the post read. Though it moved away from Molly, it was still a terrifying threat.

Be it exotic location or not, the tiny tot smiling and making cute faces is more than enough for a great picture, and they certainly don't want anything to be photobombing their precious moments, least of it a risky snake.

"I said, "yes, it was at least two metres, and she said, 'oh mum it wasn't that big", then she said, 'did you get a photo?'" "I got in the vehicle and I was shaking and my oldest, Imogen, who is 13, said to me, 'was there a snake?'"

The mother said she had checked the spot, which they regularly waited at, for hazards and also assumed it was too cold for snakes to be around.

'I didn't realise what I was photographing at the time.

Even as a trainer in snake safety and first aid, the father side of me still freaks out a bit with such a venomous species so close.

"It was horrifying - luckily it was over in seconds".

'Big mother of a snake' photobombs mum's snap of two-year-old daughter