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Twitter Egg Hatches Into Neutral Human Silhouette

02 April 2017

As we have mentioned earlier, Twitter is replacing the default egg profile picture on the microblogging site with a more generic image that depicts diversity and is a lot more expressive.

Once Twitter had decided on a design, the company decided to make it as colourless and bland as possible to encourage users to upload their own image, and give "less prominence to accounts with a default profile photo". The design team took the circle head from the bathroom signs and altered it a bit because the "image felt overly masculine".

Guess we'll have to find a new name for Twitter trolls now?

In the post, Twitter also claimed that they made the new default picture use a gray palette "to make this image accessible for those with visual impairments".

The company went through many profile photo iterations before landing on a simple gender neutral line-based figure in a generic shade of gray.

The social media site decided it was time for an upgrade.

The change in strategy came after the famous Twitter egg photo became associated with negative behaviour and trolls to harass and bully others.

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Twitter arrived at the new default profile photo by reviewing all of its previous default profile photos in the last few years.

Everybody knows that Twitter has a harassment predicament - and while the service has attempted things like banning brutal account users (both on a provisional and permanent basis), it hasn't absolutely settled the concern. The blog post is quite extensive and thoroughly explains that it has developed a new profile picture which will take place of the egg.

Following a slew of security updates in an attempt to reduce harassment, Twitter has recently announced the elimination of its infamous default profile photo.

Although the idea of the egg was for users to "eventually crack out of it and become unbelievable Twitter users".

For instance, it has allowed Donald Trump to use it as a platform for what many believe is hate speech.

Twitter has been making it to the news quite frequently. They're less like to stand out in your timeline than those colorful eggs.

Twitter Egg Hatches Into Neutral Human Silhouette