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Ivanka Trump, Chelsea Clinton commemorate Equal Pay Day

05 April 2017

The picture was slightly better in Arizona, where women made 83 cents on the dollar to their male counterparts in 2015, according to the report, but that was a drop from 84 cents of a year earlier. But it isn't just women's individual bottom lines that suffer: The gender wage gap is also a drag on the US economy, and closing the gap should be a top priority of any economic policy agenda that seeks to strengthen and grow the economy.

"The bill entails that companies and institutions of a certain size, 25 or more employees, undertake a certification of their equal-pay programmes, Thorsteinn Viglundsson, Minister of Social Affairs and Equality, told AFP".

Take Atisha Perdue, for example.

In honor of Equal Pay Day, a look at the progress still to be made.

Tuesday marks Equal Pay Day, meaning on average women in the USA had to work on all of 2016 until now to catch up to what men earned past year.

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"With the pay increase and benefits, it gives us the best of both worlds". "I think this new generation of young women is much more willing to fight for promotions or raises or higher salaries".

Part of the reason for the pay gap may be a concentration of women in lower paying jobs or women working fewer hours, but experts also point to discrimination and bias as contributing factors.

That support isn't likely to come soon.

Pregnancy discrimination: Women who become pregnant face economic penalties - from outright job loss to being forced onto unpaid leave because their jobs are physically strenuous and they are denied simple job modifications that would enable them to continue working. Today members of Congress are reintroducing the Paycheck Fairness Act, which updates the Equal Pay Act, prohibits employers from penalizing employees who discuss their salaries, and bars employers from asking about prior salary. Additionally, the Healthy Families Act would allow workers paid sick days to recover from a short-term illness or take a sick child to the doctor, and the FAMILY Act would allow workers to take longer-term paid time off to care for themselves or a loved one.

"The gender pay gap is unfortunately a fact in the Icelandic labour market and it's time take radical measures; we have the knowledge and the processes to eliminate it", he said.