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Apple "Clips" has arrived - here's everything to know

07 April 2017

Apple Clips is a free new app for iOS designed with the intention of streamlining those and other video-editing doohickeys. There's even a Memories feature in the Photos app on iOS 10 that automatically pieces together slideshows from pictures. Once you've decided what you want to do, there are several ways to edit and enhance your content.

After selecting a Live Titles style, you're then supposed to hold down the record button and speak. You can change filters on a clip-by-clip basis, so if you have a few different video clips in a row, they don't all have to have the same filter.

Photos can be animated by simply pinching and dragging them while recording and videos can be edited within the app so you get the flawless shots. With Clips, you can combine your photos with videos, add music to your creation, before sharing it on your various social networks or Youtube.

Clips is now available for download from the App Store.

Clips is like Snapchat in that it offers all sorts of fun effects that you can overlay onto your media. The interface is more intuitive than that of Snapchat, which hides its features behind swipes and taps. Other ways to be creative with clips: animated speech bubbles, arrows and banners.

You can add captions to your videos - and it's extremely easy.

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But that's not a bad thing: it's a distinctly Apple-like approach to mobile video. This option was partly driven by the way people are watching video online now - text only, no audio - which makes sense. "Live Titles let you easily create animated captions and titles - just by talking", per Apple's official description. It's completely up to you (and how much storage space there is on your iPhone).

Snapchat started it. Instagram copied it. Facebook really copied it. Educators have published videos showing how Clips can be used to teach foreign languages and vocabulary, and to document a student's science experiments, lending merit to the prospect of teachers adopting the app for use in classrooms.

What can I use Apple Clips for?


If you've ever made videos in apps like Instagram or Vine, you'll quickly figure out Clips.

The app suggests people to share with based on who is in your videos and those you mostly share with.