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Waymo's Files Never Touched Uber's Servers, Says the Company

09 April 2017

Uber acknowledged this in a legal filing on Friday, in which the company responded to bombshell trade theft lawsuit filed against it by rival Google in February.

Alsup told Uber before Wednesday's hearing that he wanted an explanation of why it said Levandowski "has a good story to tell" and why it was able to get signed versions of the engineer's employment agreement with Waymo, while failing to review his files and documents to find the more than 14,000 files he allegedly downloaded from Waymo. Now, Waymo is pleading to the court to bar Uber from using anything that might be a Waymo trade secret, a request that if granted, could probably smash the brakes on Uber's self-driving vehicle program and as well as, shift the balance of power within the autonomous vehicle industry.

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In a ruling that is subject to appeal, a court in Rome upheld a complaint filed by taxi unions and gave Uber ten days to end the use of various phone applications on Italian territory, along with the promotion and advertising of them.

Uber has yet to officially release its statement against Waymo.

Waymo reiterated on Friday that Uber's claim to have never touched the 14,000 files is "disingenuous, given their refusal to look in the most obvious place: the computers and devices owned by the head of their self-driving program". Furthermore, the ride-hail company says it uses multi-lens LIDAR sensors, not the single-lens sensor designs Waymo claims were stolen, and that the sensors it uses are purchased off-the-shelf from Velodyne, a top manufacturer of the technology.

Waymo's single-lens design and Uber's LiDAR design, which is a four-lens design, are "fundamentally different". Uber officials have stated that they do not understand Mr. Levandowski actions since he is not even a defendant in the lawsuit, and therefore the pledging for the Fifth Amendment seems illogical.

Waymo alleges Levandowski plotted his betrayal to Uber while he was still an executive at the Google unit.

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Still Uber notes that it's upcoming proprietary LiDAR is vastly different from Waymo's.

Padilla's statement also added that had Waymo truly believed Uber was "using its secrets" it wouldn't have waited so long to seek an injunction.

Kalanick strongly believes that Uber needs to be among the leaders of the self-driving vehicle revolution, even if internally the company doesn't think it'll radically change the business. "We're asking the court to step in based on clear evidence that Uber is using, or plans to use, our trade secrets to develop their LIDAR technology, as seen in both circuit board blueprints and filings in the State of Nevada". "Ultimately, that would be harmful to the public", Uber said in its filing as Fortune reported.

William Alsup, U.S. District Judge had stridulous words for Uber during Thursday's hearing.

Uber may have searched its own servers, but Levandowski, the leader of its self-driving auto program, has asserted a Fifth Amendment right to avoid self-incrimination.

A temporary injunction granted to Uber would translate into a total stagnation when it comes to self-driving technologies. Weeks later, it filed a preliminary injunction to try to stop Uber's work on self-driving cars until the case resolves.

In court, Alsup said Uber's punishment may be a court order blocking Levandowski from working for Uber's driverless auto unit, Otto.

This is an extraordinary case, I've never seen a record this strong in 42 years.

Waymo's Files Never Touched Uber's Servers, Says the Company