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Concern over agitating TN farmers expressed in RS

13 April 2017

Actor Nagma visited the protesting farmers at Jantar Mantar to extend her support to the cause. "We will sit here and pray till our death", said a protesting farmer.

The Tamil Nadu farmers' desperate cry for attention from the government has seen freakish but disconcerting developments.

Besides a drought fund of Rs. 40,000 crore, the farmers have demanded for their loans to be waived off and pensions for those farmers who do not work on the field anymore.

While the rest of the protesters were seen wearing green dhotis, the man enacting the role of PM Modi is seen wearing jeans and a pink shirt. But, they took everyone on surprise when they stripped outside the Prime Minister's Office (PMO) and ran naked on the road. The protesting farmers were soon arrested.

They got their heads tonsured in protest.

On Friday, five Tamil Nadu farmers cut their hands, to send a message to the government, reports The Hindu. "We have this from reliable sources", he said, clearly anxious that the long haul is not going to yeild results for the troubled farmers.

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Madras, the epicentre of the protests for an exhibition of barbarism (read Jallikattu) that is not held anywhere in the city, does not care about the farmers that supply its food. "This is a state government issue".

Earlier, the farmers had displayed the skulls of the farmers who died apparently due to severe drought in the state.

"We are onlu asking for our rights, we are not ruled by any imperial power, we are in ademocracy, we have our right to protest".

In the aftermath of the floods of 2015, it was estimated that the state would have surplus water for the next two years.

Over the last month, these farmers from the delta region of Tamil Nadu, have adopted various methods of protest to express their angst against the Central Government's alleged apathy.

He said one of representatives of government should meet and talk to them to convince them to end their agitation.

Concern over agitating TN farmers expressed in RS