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India, Australia to strengthen defence, security partnership

13 April 2017

Apart from counter-terrorism cooperation, the pacts signed a deal with cooperation in civil aviation security, MoU in the field of environment, climate and wildlife, cooperation in earth observation and satellite navigation.

"From our point of view of course we are a huge agricultural exporter so we want to have open markets, open markets for everything but in particular for agriculture", he said.

Earlier in the day, he visited the campus of TCS at suburban Andheri and requested India's largest software exporter to open an innovation lab in his country.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi took his Australian counterpart Malcolm Turnbull on a Delhi tour on Monday.

Bilateral trade with India has doubled over the past decade to around $20 billion, Turnbull also said, but that was a fraction of what it could and should be.

Prime Minister Peter O'Neill said trading relation between Australia and PNG is a very vital link which has benefited both states significantly. Turnbull made his comments during an official visit to India.

Birmingham said Australia is well placed to help India in reaching its target in training, and added that the programme would also look at scaling up the number of apprentices in India.

Teen asylum-seeker ID'd as suspect in Norway explosive case
The discovery comes a day after the suspected terror attack in the capital of Scandinavian neighbours Sweden. Forensics experts will be examining fragments of the device to ascertain what it was made of.

"Prime Minister (Narendra) Modi is leading this most remarkable nation on a extraordinary journey of growth and development", he said.

"Both India and Australia recognise the central value of education and innovation in the prosperity of our societies", he said.

The two prime ministers have now asked negotiators on both sides to find a way out and list their priorities soon so that talks on it can move forward.

PM Turnbull also announced that his country has chose to join the International Solar Alliance put together at PM Modi's initiative.

India welcomed the passage of the Civil Nuclear Transfers to India Act by the Australian Parliament, which could ensure commercial exports of Australian uranium begins soon.

India and Australia have reaffirmed their commitment to a peaceful and prosperous Indo-Pacific, based on mutual respect and cooperation.

"My trip has been all about deepening more engaged collaboration between Australia and India in the fields of economics, sports, health, science and education", he said. The signed agreements include cooperation in combating global terrorism and transnational organised crime.

India, Australia to strengthen defence, security partnership