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Does Trump keep his promises? Poll finds big shift in opinion

18 April 2017

According the results of the latest Gallup poll, only 45 percent of voters think the president will keep his promises while in office.

The ratings dive was most stark when it came to women who think Trump keeps his promises - just 40 percent now say he does, compared with 65 percent in February, a striking 25 percentage-point plunge.

While numbers sank the most among respondents who identified as Democrats or liberals, researchers stressed Trump's standing among Republicans dipped by 11 percent and by 16 percent among independents.

Just 46 percent of Americans said Trump "can bring about the change the country needs", also a decrease of seven points since February.

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On two other measures, whether Trump "cares about the needs of people like you" and "can manage the government effectively, " the president's numbers also fell, though Gallup noted those declines were not statistically significant. The percentage who think he is a "strong and decisive leader" also took a big hit, falling from 59 percent to 52 percent.

A new Gallup poll shows Donald Trump is in serious trouble with voters on what were supposed to be his strongest qualities, especially whether he can keep the promises he made during his campaign. That compares with 62 percent from February 1-5 among a random sample of 1,019 adults, age 18 and older, living in all 50 USA states and the District of Columbia. At least one poll has his approval rating on the rise, with the leader of the free world passing an important benchmark for support.

A new Gallup poll is shining a very bright spotlight on President Donald Trump's relationship with the voting public. And many of Trump's policy reversals, as well as his April 7 missile strike on Syria, occurred either during or after the poll was conducted, which makes the impact on Americans' opinion of those recent decisions unclear.

Does Trump keep his promises? Poll finds big shift in opinion