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Cleveland fires 1 officer, suspends 2nd in Rice shooting

31 May 2017

The city of Cleveland fired the rookie police officer who shot and killed 12-year-old Tamir Rice and suspended the cop who drove the patrol vehicle in 2014, officials announced Tuesday.

The police officer who shot and killed 12-year-old Tamir Rice was sacked Tuesday for inaccuracies on his job application, while the officer who drove the patrol vehicle the day of the shooting was suspended for violating a tactical rule, Chief Williams announced Tuesday.

On Nov. 22, 2014, the officers were dispatched after Tamir was reported for playing with a pellet gun near a recreation center. "Tamir Rice died early the next day".

In Loehmann's case, he was sacked for rule violations during his job application process, "specifically, answers he had provided on his personal history statement", Cleveland police chief Calvin Williams said. "As we continue to grieve for Tamir, I hope this is a call for all of us to build stronger communities together".

The move to fire Loehmann-which came about a year and a half after a Cuyahoga County grand jury declined to indict the officer-did not come as a result of his decision to fire on Rice within two seconds of approaching him in a police cruiser.

"This is a politically motivated witch-hunt", Loomis said. Rather, Loehmann lost his job on account of his failure to disclose crucial details about his work history. "There is no question in my mind that we're going to get Tim Loehmann's job back", he told CNN.

"On a Saturday afternoon a year ago, Tamir Rice was playing with an air gun at a park on the west side of Cleveland".

Cleveland fires 1 officer, suspends 2nd in Rice shooting

And though the officers faced no criminal charges for the incident, the City of Cleveland later agreed to pay $6 million to settle a civil rights lawsuit brought by the Rice family.

Per Williams, Loehmann's firing is effective immediately, while Garmback will be required to take an additional tactical training course. An internal investigation into the officers resumed in January 2016, according to CNN.

Timothy Loehmann was sacked for providing false information in his application to join the Cleveland Police Department, allegedly lying about how his brief period of time with the Independence Police Department came to an end, reported.

The investigation was extensive and involved many agencies, Williams said. He was reportedly accused of failing to secure his firearm and being insubordinate and untruthful to a superior officer. He also was sent home for a day when he had an emotional breakdown during a state qualification course.

"You did not employ proper tactics when you failed to stop your zone vehicle immediately upon entering Cudell Park", he wrote. Video of an unarmed black boy being gunned down by police just seconds after they arrived on the scene sparked national horror ...

Samaria Rice said officer Frank Garmback should be fired for pulling up so close to Tamir.

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Cleveland fires 1 officer, suspends 2nd in Rice shooting