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French president flexes diplomatic muscles in Putin meeting

31 May 2017

The meeting took place at Versailles palace near Paris. Despite being on different sides in the war, Macron also accepted representatives of the Syrian leader should be at future talks.

Macron talked with Putin about Syria, Ukraine and a slew of other worldwide developments before holding a joint press event with his Russian counterpart.

For instance, The Associated Press reports a previous visit from Putin, scheduled for last October, was even canceled after then-President Francois Hollande said Russian Federation could face war crimes for its role in supporting Assad.

Mr Macron said the Russian leader told him he had attempted to "establish the complete truth on the activities of local authorities" but did not provide details. And the AP notes that on Monday, he did not hesitate to say two Russian media outlets, Sputnik and Russia Today, acted as spreaders of "propaganda" during the campaign.

Mr Putin said Mr Macron proposed a framework for French and Russian anti-terror experts to meet and work together.

After the president made a decision to fire James Comey as Federal Bureau of Investigation director in early May, Putin told CBS News correspondent Elizabeth Palmer that Comey's dismissal would have "no effect" on U.S. -Russia relations. But they're "totally distinct from diplomatic contacts" of Macron and his government, Bay said.

"It's indispensable to talk to Russian Federation because there are a number of global subjects that will not be resolved without a tough dialogue with them", Macron said.

Despite the denials of Syria and its backers Russian Federation and Iran, the US, France and others have said that evidence indicates the Syrian regime was behind the deadly April 4 chemical weapons assault.

But in an apparent warning to Assad and Russian Federation, he said the use of chemical weapons was a "red line" that would draw an "immediate response" from France.

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"I will not give an inch on this", he said.

Syria agreed in September 2013 to destroy its chemical weapons programme under a deal negotiated with the United States and Russian Federation after hundreds of people were killed in a sarin gas attack in the outskirts of the capital, Damascus.

Following their almost two-hour meeting, Putin told reporters that the cyberattack didn't come up, saying, "The French president did not show any interest, and I even less".

"Some press bodies did indeed interfere with my campaign", Macron said.

He also noted that his meeting with Marine Le Pen, who was another candidate in the presidential race, was not aimed at influencing the recent presidential election in France.

The two countries are in stark opposition over the Syrian civil war, with Moscow backing Assad and France supporting rebel groups trying to overthrow him.

"Our absolute priority is the fight against terrorism and the eradication of terrorist groups and Daesh in particular", he said, using an alternate name for the Islamic State group that has claimed several deadly attacks in France.

Putin later visited a new Orthodox cathedral complex in central Paris.

Macron and Putin also hugged goodbye and shook hands, both smiling, after ending their meetings with a visit to an exhibit about the 300th anniversary of Russian Czar Peter the Great's trip to Paris.

French president flexes diplomatic muscles in Putin meeting