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Nest's New Security Camera Can Distinguish Between People and Pets

01 June 2017

Nest has announced a new smart home security camera to its line-up in the form of the Nest Cam IQ. If the camera detects an "unfamiliar face" (and you have it set-up to record "unfamiliar faces"), it'll automatically zoom in on that person and follow them around the room, like they're starring in a slapstick burglar comedy.

You can set up notifications such that the camera notifies you only when it sees people that it doesn't recognise, meaning that your phone won't notify you just because someone in your household has headed home early from work.

Instead of just showing you what's happening, Nest Cam IQ is smart enough to differentiate between a person and your cat and can alert you accordingly - with no subscription required. It also has built-in speakers and three microphones for audio communication between users and people being filmed.

Remember that Nest smart (er) camera that leaked out a little over a week ago?

Nest Director of Product Marketing Maxime Veron also explained that Nest Cam IQ has room to grow in terms of processing power it's packing on board for future intelligence updates, and Nest fully intends it to be something that gets better with future software features. Overall, it's a pretty good value considering the features you get that don't require a $10/month Nest Aware subscription.

The Nest Cam IQ is now available for preorder in the United States and will start shipping in late June.

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Nest Cam IQ is coming in at the top of Nest's security camera lineup price-wise, which makes sense given its improved capabilities. This camera has a 4K sensor and more machine learning smarts than past devices. Out of the box, you'll get alerts when the camera identifies a person with a zoomed-in photo of their face. If it determines the person is a stranger, the 4K image sensor is put to use as the camera zooms in for a close-up, snaps a shot of the intruder and sends that to the homeowner. With two powerful 940 nm infrared LEDs, Night Vision evenly illuminates the scene, even when it's dark - and without a red glow. Cameras cost $299, or $498 for two.

This is a security camera with all the bells and whistles, and now the question is whether this functionality will all seamlessly kick in when you need it most.

This functionality is free but the "familiar face" feature costs extra. Full duplex is not part of the package, though Nest is planning to add support sometime later this year. The previously-available $200 Nest Cam Indoor isn't going anywhere, and while it definitely borrows some design cues from the Nest Cam Outdoor that the company launched last summer, IQ is indeed made for use indoor.

Nest, which is owned by Alphabet, has been absent from the news for quite some time now.

Customers who subscribe to Nest Aware, a service that can store 30 days worth of video, will have access to cloud-based algorithms that rely on Google's AI.

Nest Cam Indoor and Nest Cam Outdoor will continue to be available for $199 USA, €199 EU/£159 United Kingdom on and retailers in countries around the world where Nest products are sold. But when they does, they make sure that it keep the mass talking about it.

Nest's New Security Camera Can Distinguish Between People and Pets