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Bahamas Alarm At Us Withdrawal From Paris Climate Change Deal

07 June 2017

Importantly, it is also out of step with what is happening in the United States.

Trump announced the United States exit from the 190-plus nation pact last week, drawing strong criticism from allies in Europe who vowed to turn to China and other countries as partners to implement the 2015 deal. They're among 318 that similarly promised to take action against climate change in 2015.

Former President Barack Obama's target of 26 to 28 percent greenhouse gas level reductions by 2025 based off 2005 emissions levels mostly missed the mark, according to an analysis in January by the Rhodium Group. Thank you Mr. President!

Along with Leggett, hundreds of mayors, governors, businesses, investors and educators endorsed an open letter titled "We Are Still In". Trump is a loser and he's taking America down with him.

While Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi was critical of the deal for not making developed countries shoulder more of the burden, following Trump's withdrawal he vowed to "continue working. above and beyond the Paris accord".

And on the same day Trump made his foolhardy decision, leaders of China and the European Union drafted a tough statement regarding the Paris climate accords. China and the Obama administration negotiated the deal, and China has vowed to stay in it.

$3.8 billion Dakota Access oil pipeline begins service
Trump's actions cast aside efforts by former President Barack Obama to block the pipeline's construction. The company behind the $3.8 billion project maintains it broke no rules during construction.

While many tech leaders are vocally opposing the decision to exit the agreement-a move that even prompted Elon Musk of Tesla and SpaceX to leave Trump's advisory council, -a minority of business leaders are hailing the presidents business-oriented mindset.

Trump also said he wants to renegotiate the agreement.

"The fact that the Paris deal hamstrings the USA while empowering some of the world's top-polluting countries should dispel any doubt as to the real reason why foreign lobbyists wish to keep our magnificent country tied up and bound down by this agreement", he said.

Of course, the real agenda of the Paris agreement is to further the United Nations scheme for statist control of the world's economy - control that would benefit Europe and China at the expense of the U.S.

This is China's first time hosting the Clean Energy Ministerial, which began amid the city's characteristic sheen of haze.

It is imperative that the world know that in the USA, the actors that will provide the leadership necessary to meet our Paris commitment are found in city halls, state capitals, colleges and universities and businesses. It's increasingly looking like it's not America alone on the world stage - it's the President.

Bahamas Alarm At Us Withdrawal From Paris Climate Change Deal