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BIGBANG's TOP hospitalized for drug overdose

08 June 2017

However, T.O.P's mother refuses to take it easy. They said he reacted only to "hard stimulation". A police officer said, "He is going through a lot personally so we let him take a rest".

The doctors said he remains in a lethargic state and it's impossible to normal conversation with him now, adding that once his condition improves they plan to work with the mental health department.

Yeonhap news reported on June 6 that according to the police T.O.P was neither unconscious nor in a severe condition.

He was brought to the hospital unconscious. He took this on Monday night and till next day noon he had not woken up. "The doctor has confirmed this", added T.O.P's mother, who was seen speaking to the police.

Big Bang's T.O.P releases a handwritten apology after he tested positive for marijuana. "She's flabbergasted by the police report that said he was "in a state of sleep" when hospitalized".

"Yesterday (June 5), T.O.P was waiting at his platoon headquarters when he took his usual medication prescribed for anxiety and insomnia at 10pm".

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The incident occurred just a day after he was indicted without detention on charges of smoking marijuana.

T.O.P is accused of smoking marijuana on four occasions with a 21-year-old woman identified as Han at his home in Seoul in October of last year.

BigBang's T.O.P., whose real name is Choi Seung Hyun, has reportedly been found unconscious on Tuesday afternoon from a drug overdose and is now in intensive care unit.

Early yesterday, the rapper, who is now serving his substitute mandatory military service in a subdivision of the Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency, was found unconscious at the station and was taken to a hospital. His military service period will be put on hold until a verdict is reached, the report said.

Since February, the 29-year-old has been doing his mandatory military service as a conscripted policeman. If he receives a jail term of 18 months or more, he will be dishonorably discharged from the service.

BIGBANG's TOP hospitalized for drug overdose