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Jerry Seinfeld brutally rejects Kesha's hug on camera

08 June 2017

Kesha learned the hard way that fans should never request a hug from Jerry Seinfeld.

Kesha, 30, interrupted Seinfeld, 63, in the middle of an interview to express her love for him and ask him for a hug.

While Seinfeld kept Kesha at arm's length, he had no problem cuddling up with his family during a red carpet outing earlier this month.

"No, thanks", the comedian responded, twice.

Watch Jerry Seinfeld brutally snub Kesha as she goes in for a hug

He told McFly: "I don't know who she was".

Afterwards the comic admitted he didn't know who Kesha was, so McFly filled him in.

"Always an honor and a reoccurring dream come true. thank you buddy", she captioned a picture of herself with musician Ben Folds.

After she walked away and he was told that she is a pop star, Seinfeld tried to fix the damage. "Oh, thanks", he said in response. The comedian masterfully deflected Kesha's advances at a recent charity event. Seinfeld seems unimpressed with this new information, and simply brushes off the exchange with a shrug, saying, "I wish her the best". Some say that you shouldn't meet your hero's (sic).

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Jerry Seinfeld brutally rejects Kesha's hug on camera