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Oliver Stone: Megyn Kelly didn't know her stuff with Putin

08 June 2017

It is nearly too easy to make re-titling jokes about Oliver Stone's rambling and fairly fawning four-night miniseriesThe Putin Interviews which premieres June 12 on Showtime.

After Putin responded that there's no discrimination against gays in Russia, Stone inquired what the president would do if he were aboard a submarine and had to share a shower room with a gay man.

"Pilot says he is going to make another attempt", Putin tells the U.S. director while showing him a live feed from a military jet on a smartphone.

Oliver Ston then asked Putin, what I personally see as a question of the decade, "any hope of change" in US-Russian relations, to which Putin replied, "There is always hope".

To which Putin responded: "I am not a woman, so I don't have bad days". "That's just the nature of things".

He conducted the interviews over the course of two years, between July 2015 and February 2017, and quizzed the president on a number of issues - from Edward Snowden to his exercise regime to the possibility of a nuclear war. In any event, he reportedly went on to clarify that he was, in fact, discussing "natural cycles".

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"I don't think anyone would survive such a [nuclear] conflict", said Putin in an interview by American film director Oliver Stone, which is to be broadcast next week as a documentary titled "The Putin Interviews" by a US-based cable network.

Putin, who once banned a Photoshopped image of himself wearing lipstick, was telling Stone how he held the country with aplomb and used the most sexist means to do so. "Snowden is not a traitor", Putin says.

'There are no restrictions whatsoever, ' Putin told Stone. Nor did he transfer any information to any other country which would have been pernicious to his own country or to his own people.

Yet Stone also challenges Putin on his authoritarian style and questions his claims of democratic reform.

These themes emerge in his interviews with Stone as well, according to excerpts that have been released online in advance.

Oliver Stone: Megyn Kelly didn't know her stuff with Putin