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London Bridge Attacker Tried to Rent Larger Truck

11 June 2017

Detectives investigating the London Bridge terror attack have made two further arrests, the Met Police have confirmed. That includes a 27-year-old man arrested in the Ilford district in east London and a 28-year-old man arrested in the London suburb of Barking.

London, The terrorists involved in the London Bridge attack that killed eight, had tried to hire a seven-and-a-half tonne lorry to carry out the brutality, police said.

The three attackers were wearing fake suicide belts consisting of plastic water bottles wrapped in grey duct tape.

Butt had been warned by police on two occasions - once for fraud in 2008 and once in 2010 for assault. "But certainly there is a move this weekend that people should be out and about to show that we're not going to be deterred by acts of terrorism however nasty or unsafe they are".

Law enforcement have conducted a series of raids in connection with the London Bridge attack and arrested 19 people in the week after. He then went on a stabbing spree along with Rachid Redouane, 30, of Moroccan and Libyan descent and Moroccan-Italian Youssef Zaghba, 22, in Borough Market. But his bank card was declined and he was forced to use the much smaller, lighter B&Q van.

Officers have spoken to more than 300 witnesses of around 20 different nationalities during their investigation into last weekend's attack, which targeted people enjoying a Saturday night out.

Three people on the bridge were struck and killed by the van, believed to have been driven by Butt, before the men abandoned the vehicle and began to attack people in bars and restaurants in the nearby bustling Borough Market area.

Police radio reported at least three men attacking people with knives and shooting started just behind them, but the officers were not sure what to expect when they arrived near Borough Market.

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They believe there will be many others who saw the incidents but have yet to contact police, and are asking them to come forward.

More than a dozen wine bottles filled with flammable liquid and rags wrapped around them in the shape of molotov cocktails were found in the van. Police say the weapons were possibly chosen to prevent them being picked up by metal detectors.

Petrol bombs were also found littered alongside the van used to run down victims on London Bridge, suggesting the plot was meant to be more destructive. Commander Dean Haydon, head of the Met's Counter Terrorism Command, told ABC News.

Investigators also found gravel bags, which also could have been part of their cover story, or may have been "used to weigh the vehicle down", making it heavier and giving it more force.

The kitchen knives are branded Ernesto, police said.

Police said the men tied 12in (30cm) pink ceramic knives to their wrists and had petrol bombs in the van.

But Haydon said "there was no evidence uncovered of any attack-planning in relation to him". Police have installed security barriers running alongside the sidewalks at eight bridges across the River Thames, and Haydon said similar protection was being considered at other locations.

Mr Haydon added: "We are not looking at the moment for a wider network".

London Bridge Attacker Tried to Rent Larger Truck