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Democrats and Republicans holding primaries June 13

14 June 2017

On the Democratic side in the governor's race, Lt. Gov. Ralph Northam entered the stretch with a good bankroll.

The Virginia race, one of the few elections for governor in 2017, is shaping up to reveal the internal divisions of both parties.

Nearly every profile of the Perriello-Northam race cast the former as the progressive, populist outsider insurgent and the latter as the moderate, centrist creature of the establishment. Meanwhile, Northam, the current lieutenant governor, is being supported by every elected Democrat in the executive or legislative branches of government in the Old Dominion.

"All I am going to do is put forward ideas that will get Virginia going again", Gillespie said.

Whoever wins the Democratic nomination on Tuesday could say a lot about the direction of the party. Tim Kaine and Mark Warner.

Perriello joined the race as resistance to the Trump agenda began to boom, and promised on the stump to make Virginia a bulwark against it. And it shows that Perriello's sharp contrast with Northam on climate and clean energy is resonating with Virginia voters alarmed by Donald Trump's efforts to send Virginia back to a coal-fired, polluted era.

While Virginia Democrats are tasked with deciding who will earn the party's nomination in a neck-in-neck race, the candidates are test-running a blue-on-blue game plan that might pave the way for future candidates heading into the 2018 midterms and even the 2020 election.

Perriello, whose dependence on the six-figure beneficence of about a half-dozen Wall Streeters undercuts his pledge to demonetize politics, is relying on younger, newer voters, more nationally oriented and angrier than party regulars, to overwhelm the usual primary audience and to undercut marquee Democrats lending Northam their celebrity and vast voter files. While he may not have the high-profile endorsements of Northam, experts say he's attracting the same group that aligned with Sen.

Candidates for lieutenant governor are: 84th District Delegate Glenn R. Davis (R), former federal prosecutor Justin Fairfax (D), political consultant Susan Platt (D), 17th District Senator Bryce E. Reeves (R), Assistant U.S. Attorney Gene Rossi (D), and 27th District Senator Jill H. Vogel (R). Virginia is one of two states electing governors this year.

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By 9 p.m. Tuesday, however, Gillespie was beating Stewart in a close statewide race.

Republicans Corey Stewart, Frank Wagner and Ed Gillespie will face off on today's ballot.

Kevin Felty, a Norfolk Republican, said he voted for Gillespie because of his fundraising prowess in what's likely to be a bloody general campaign. So it's really more of a "national versus state perspective" contest, reflected in the two candidates' messaging: Perriello is touting his campaign as an important sign of anti-Trump sentiment, while Northam (as one might expect of a lieutenant governor) is talking more about continuing Terry McAuliffe's legacy and dealing with a Republican-controlled legislature.

For the Democrats, it's Ralph Northam and Tom Perriello.

Charlottesville residents can vote for two of three Democratic candidates running for City Council: incumbent Bob Fenwick, Heather Hill, and Amy Laufer.

Perriello ratcheted up attacks on Trump ahead of Tuesday's vote, calling the primary the "firewall against the hate and bigotry of the administration".

On June 13, I will proudly cast my vote for Tom Perriello.

Northam is a more traditional candidate who stresses his pragmatic approach and ability to work with Republicans.

As Perriello continued to campaign through the state, Northam spent the last days before the primary with Virginia's Democratic all-stars in northern Virginia, Richmond and Hampton Roads - the densely populated "urban crescent" areas that will probably decide the primary.