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Oregon Becomes First State To Allow Third Gender Option On Driver ID

17 June 2017

OR yesterday became the first U.S. state to allow residents to identify as neither male nor female on state driver's licences, a decision that transgender advocates called a victory for civil rights. A survey by the National Center for Transgender Equality, in fact, found that one third of respondents who showed an ID with a name or gender that did not align with their external presentation had experienced verbal harassment, denial of services, and even physical assault.

"It's exciting to see Oregon's Department of Motor Vehicles adopt this change", Nancy Haque, co-executive director of Basic Rights Oregon, said in a statement. The third marker will be X for not specified.

Shupe, an OR resident, is an Army veteran who was designated male at birth (DMAB) but began to transition in 2013. "Most of the 12 opposing comments were things like, 'This is ridiculous, ' 'insanity, ' and 'political correctness gone haywire, '" McClellan said at a hearing Thursday before the Oregon Transportation Commission.

Last year, intersex activist and Navy veteran Dana Zzyym sued the federal government for the right to choose a third gender on their passport. The Oregon Transportation Commission approved the measure on Thursday, and the change will go into effect on July 1.

Basic Rights Oregon is the state's largest nonprofit lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer advocacy group.

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OR is the first state in the nation to offer that option. Just last month, Brown signed a bill into law making it easier and cheaper for Oregonians to revise the gender marker on their birth certificate - filling out a form instead of posting a public notice and going to court.

If you wish to make a change on your card more than a year before your renewal date, you must pay a replacement fee.

Oregon Governor Kate Brown says of the change: 'We must proactively break down the barriers of institutional bias.

"I'm incredibly thrilled to be an Oregonian right now", said Gibbons, who identifies as non-binary.

In addition to "F" and "M", people will be able to choose "X". Several countries, including Canada, India, Australia, New Zealand, Nepal and Bangladesh have acknowledged the need to recognize non-binary genders for years. California would be the first state to establish a third gender option through legislation.

Oregon Becomes First State To Allow Third Gender Option On Driver ID