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South Sudan's displaced see little chance of peace

20 June 2017

More than 950,000 people have fled south to Uganda from South Sudan in recent months - majority women and children - but many refugee camps lack basic services such as food, water and shelter.

The Geneva Convention says countries should accept someone as a refugee if they have fled their own country because of a 'well-founded fear of being persecuted for reasons of race, religion, nationality, membership of a particular social group or political opinion'.

"The report, which records statistics at the end of 2016 indicates [that] 1.4 million refugees from South Sudan [are] in neighboring countries and nearly two million internally displaced people", said Grandi.

Uganda, which host almost half of the displaced South Sudanese, has been praised for having an accommodative refugee policy. For the fifth year in a row, the number of people displaced worldwide continued to increase from an already historically high level.

"We have to do better for these people", Grandi said.

Refugee Week starts June 19 and takes place every year worldwide around World Refugee Day on June 20. The conflict in Syria was the world's biggest producer of refugees (5.5 million). Another 40 million people were displaced within the borders of their own countries, about 500,000 fewer than in 2015.

The latest annual global trends study from the United Nations refugee agency (UNHCR) reports that one person was forced to leave their home every three seconds in 2016.

- Unaccompanied or separated children - mainly Afghans and Syrians - lodged some 75,000 applications in 70 countries in 2016.

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The total refugee population - those seeking safety across global borders - was about 22.5 million, the highest number since the UNHCR was established in 1950 following WWII. However, it is still much less dramatic leap than in 2014-2015, when the number of people forced to flee their homes, has increased by five million. He called the figures a failure of diplomacy, reports BBC News. The Secretary General of the Norwegian Refugee Council has called for worldwide support for Uganda that received the largest number of new refugees a year ago, more than half a million people.

The report defines refugees as those forced to leave their homes for other countries.

Only 0.24% of the United Kingdom population are refugees, asylum seekers or stateless people - that is 168,978 people, around the population of Rochdale in greater Manchester.

In contrast, almost of all of the South Sudanese refugees have sought protection in neighbouring countries such as Uganda, Ethiopia and Sudan.

By sheer numbers, Turkey hosts the largest number of refugees (2.9 million) followed by Pakistan (1.4 mln) and Lebanon (1 mln).

The UN refugee chief meanwhile voiced most alarm over the rapidly deteriorating situation in South Sudan, which he said was now the world's "fastest growing refugee crisis and displacement crisis".

86% of the worlds Refugees are hosted by developing countries.

The total number represents the enormous population in need of protection by worldwide agencies and states, according to the UNHCR.