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Nancy Pelosi Insists She Won't Step Down As Democratic House Minority Leader

25 June 2017

Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi defended her leadership, and her job, today in the face of needling from President Donald Trump and grumbling from fellow House Democrats exasperated after a high-profile special election loss. Both parties have more than enough time to do their best or worst before a national audience late next year.

Back in 2001 Hoyer and Pelosi faced each other for the top leadership position inside the Democratic caucus, but have largely worked collaboratively in the top two slots for years.

'When it comes to personal ambition and having fun on TV, have your fun, ' she said, in a message to those Democrats who have fallen out of line. "I love the arena".

With some members doubting her abilities she sang her own praises.

In addition to mentioning her district, she stated that the attacks on her were due to her effectiveness and her abilities as a "master legislator" and "strategic, politically astute leader".

"With Hollywood elites and Nancy Pelosi bankrolling his campaign, it's no secret that Ossoff would rubber stamp Pelosi's failed agenda of bigger government and more spending", Corey Bliss, executive director of the GOP-friendly Congressional Leadership Fund, said just before the Georgia election.

By now Pelosi should have been pulled down from her perch as the Democrat's minority speaker of the House and replaced with someone who understands the political implications of Trump's win and how to deal with it.

According to the CRP, Pelosi ranks third in generosity to other candidates over the past 27 years, behind Hoyer ($11.8 million) and former Speaker John Boehner, R-Ohio ($11.1 million).

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On that point, Ryan agreed that the Democrats need to focus less on President Donald Trump and more on economic issues.

Pelosi didn't give names when she referred to those who want her to step aside, but she called out those chose to go on television to criticize her, saying "have your fun".

In the end, it came down to the candidates, and the Republican, Georgia Secretary of State Karen Handel, had a long track record in Georgia's Sixth Congressional House District near Atlanta. "We have all the ads done". They also lost in Manhattan, Hollywood and Marin County, Calif., where all the donor money they blew on Ossoff came from. And we have one goal: "winning in 2018".

"I have no political debts to pay and my decisions will be made with one and only one consideration in mind - what's best for the lives of my neighbors in the Lowcountry", Cunningham said in a press release. "At least another decade", Gingrich said.

Just hours before the news conference, moderate Democratic Rep. Kathleen Rice of NY reiterated her call that it was time for Pelosi to step aside.

In fact Pelosi, 77, has emerged as a favorite GOP bogeyman and was the target of a barrage of negative advertising in the Georgia House race, mocking her as a San Francisco liberal and tying her to Ossoff. "This is about being able to take the Democratic party in a direction that is actually going to help us win seats and get back into the majority".

But most of all, America needs a party more devoted to getting things done than to hating President Trump. 'I believe she is not the leader for the future of the Democratic Party.

Whilst there may be Democrats in the House plotting to oust Pelosi, that doesn't mean there's any clear successor to her.

Nancy Pelosi Insists She Won't Step Down As Democratic House Minority Leader