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Strangers Form Human Chain in Beach Rescue

13 July 2017

Humanity still exits. A human chain of 70 people saved the lives of nine people, including two children, from the rip tide at the shores of Panama City beach in Florida.

Luckily, a woman called Jessica Simmons and her husband came to the rescue, encouraging people to hold hands and reach out for the family in trouble.

However, according to a report by the Guardian, a spokesman for the Panama Beach police department said two of their officers were present throughout and were trying to prevent people from entering the water, fearing they would also become caught in the current.

Ursey, her mother, her husband and a few other people went out to try and rescue the two young boys but they all got stuck in the riptide.

If you get stuck in one, your first inclination might be to swim toward the shore; don't do that.

Jessica and Derek's quick thinking and unwillingness to see them drown, is what saved Ursrey's family at Panama City Beach.

Her husband then created a human chain to bring the swimmers back to shore.

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"At the very end we all started clapping and cheering because they were so happy over the fact that we accomplished it", Ms Simmons said. Once she heard them screaming, she rushed to the water to help save them. "After 15 mins of me pulling them towards the human chain, the group of people PULLED him to shore like a chain", Simmons recounted on Facebook. Some good Samaritans also swam out to help, but soon they all realized that they were stuck. "These people are not drowning today, ' she told an Australian newspaper".

The family says they are eternally grateful to the fearless souls who joined in, especially Jessica.

The best way to escape the rip currents is to swim parallel to the shore until you're out of the current.

Beach goers started yelling at the crowd of onlookers to form a human chain.

Ms Ursey's mother, who was among several others trapped in the rip current, suffered a heart attack and remains in hospital. Usually, they form near big structures like piers, in shallow areas or breaks in sandbars.

A family were saved from drowning after fearless beach goers noticed them in trouble and formed a human chain in a desperate bid to rescue them. Eight people may owe their lives to dozens of complete strangers who lent them a hand, quite literally, this weekend.

Simmons and her husband were at the beach for dinner at the time of the incident. Other than the right people being in the right place at the right time, Simmons notes something that embodies the inspiring parts of the human character.

Strangers Form Human Chain in Beach Rescue