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Parliament's Monsoon Session begins today: What to expect

18 July 2017

"Today the monsoon session begins".

On Sunday the Speaker held an all-party meet to iron out differences between government and opposition parties.

In his address to floor leaders of parties in the Rajya Sabha and Lok Sabha, Modi sought opposition support in fighting the issue of violence done in the name of cow protection.

"Sentence for killing a cow is five or seven or 14 years in different states but in case of death of a human being caused by rash or negligent driving, sentence prescribed in law is only two years", Additional Sessions Judge Sanjeev Kumar said, according to Hindustan Times newspaper.

He added that State Governments must ensure the maintenance of law and order and strict action must be taken against those who break the law.

Mr Azad said the Congress has told the government it wants to discuss some sensitive issues on internal and external security during the monsoon session.

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On Sunday India Prime Minister Narendra Modi said that the violence in the name of cow protection can not be tolerated and he also asked the state governments to act very tough against those people who are taking law in their hands.

"The Prime Minister in one voice with the leaders of all parties also asserted that all political parties stand united to ensure the nation's safety and security, after such concerns were raised by many leaders on recent developments", he said.

The move comes after a recommendation to the effect by the Prime Minister's Office. He also met Samajwadi party patriarch Mulayam Singh Yadav and others.

"It is my firm belief that the Monsoon Session will provide an opportunity to all the political parties and the MPs to enter into a dialogue of the highest quality with value addition for taking major decisions in the larger national interest", said Modi. Communist Party of India (CPI) leader D Raja said the Opposition "will seek answers from the government on what they are doing to check rising incidents of cow vigilantism and lynchings in the country that pose grave danger to the social harmony".

The government on Monday issued a set of guidelines to the states and Union Territories directing them against welcoming Prime Minister Narendra Modi with a bouquet during his tours within the country.

Parliament's Monsoon Session begins today: What to expect