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European Union urges Israel, Jordan to cooperate on security in Jerusalem

25 July 2017

The assailant allegedly stabbed three Israelis to death and restricted movement for Palestinians travelling from the West Bank.

In an example of the consequences of the rising tensions, a 20-year-old Palestinian man posted his intent to attack an Israeli settlement home on Facebook, claiming his motivation was the violence he was witnessing.

"What is happening today, unfortunately, is the completion of the project to Judaicise the Holy City and take over the old town", he said.

Livni said tactical differences over controversial security measures at a sensitive Jerusalem holy site - imposed after a deadly shooting of two Israeli police officers - have deteriorated into something far worse.

The meeting to be held on Monday, Egyptian and Swedish diplomats said on Saturday, according to Ahram Online. It was caused by the fact that Israel is mounting metal detectors for safety reasons at the entrance to the Temple Hill in Jerusalem, known as the third most important shrine of Islam.

Yesterday it was widely reported that Israeli officials were willing to consider alternatives to the electronic equipment, which were introduced following an attack by two Palestinian gunmen but have sparked huge protests since their installation.

It began when Israel placed metal detectors at Jerusalem's Al Aqsa mosque compound.

India will face consequences if stirs up conflicts on border: Chinese media
With growing national strength, China is capable of deploying resources in remote border areas. These are legitimate actions of a sovereign country.

Sweden, Egypt and France have requested for the UN session to "urgently discuss how calls for de-escalation in Jerusalem can be supported", said Sweden's deputy envoy to the UN, Carl Skau.

As protesters gathered Friday, Israeli border police threw stun grenades at Palestinians who tried to push towards a police roadblock.

Amid mounting pressure to respond to the dispute, Palestinian president Mahmud Abbas announced late on Friday he was freezing contacts with Israel.

Lieberman also called on Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas to condemn the "slaughter" that took place.

On July 14, three Israeli policemen were shot near Temple Mount and two of them were dead.

Israeli security forces have raided the home of a Palestinian aggressor, the military said in a statement to Reuters.

Saturday's protest started as hundreds of Palestinians held their evening prayers outside the al-Aqsa Mosque, refusing to be subjected to the new Israeli security measures there.

European Union urges Israel, Jordan to cooperate on security in Jerusalem