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Stockton Teenager Livestreams The Fatal Crash That Killed Her Sister

26 July 2017

An 18-year-old California woman has been arrested and charged in the death of her 14-year-old sister in a drunk driving accident. In a matter of a few seconds, she lost control and her vehicle crashed through a fence and tossed into a grassy field along the highway.

In yet another mind-boggling mix of social media and tragedy, an 18-year-old woman live-streamed on Instagram as she sang and gestured while driving near Los Banos, then lost control and rolled the auto, ejecting her sister, according to new reports.

A California teen is accused of driving under the influence and live streaming video of a crash that killed her sister.

"Wake up, baby. I'm f**king sorry, baby".

Obdulia Sanchez was apparently livestreaming on Instagram before, during, and after the crash, and the video was recorded by one of her followers and shared with authorities and the media. Fresno Bee reported that the victim, Jacqueline Sanchez, "wasn't wearing a seatbelt when she was ejected through the back window of a white Buick Century as it crashed and rolled over off the south end of Henry Miller Road, east of Mercey Springs Road". I know I'm going to jail for life!

"I fucking love my sister to death". I don't give a f***. Man, we about to die.

"This is last thing that I wanted to happen, OK. She feels bad for herself, but she killed her own sister", Nicandro said. "What I think - she knows she's done something wrong".

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"People need to know these things can happen", Hernandez said, adding that she had gotten a range of responses from anger to gratitude. "I'm a (sic) hold it down".

A 14-year-old girl from Fresno who was also in the vehicle was badly injured.

Mary Hernandez of Stockton recorded the disturbing clip to point out the life-ending risks of live streaming on the road.

"She's not really thinking through anything", Sophy said.

Obdulia is being held on vehicular manslaughter while under the influence and DUI charges in the Merced County Jail.

Meanwhile, the family of her sister have set up a GoFundMe page to pay for her funeral expenses.

Sadly, the entire scenario was a recipe for disaster - distracted driving, riding without seatbelts, and driving under the influence are all illegal and unsafe activities that these teens had to learn the hard way.

Stockton Teenager Livestreams The Fatal Crash That Killed Her Sister