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President Trump, on Long Island, pledges to destroy MS-13

29 July 2017

Since January of 2016, 17 murders in Suffolk County have been attributed to MS-13, which drew the ire of Mr. Trump's beleaguered Attorney General, Jeff Sessions, who visited Central Islip, the home of Long Island's federal courthouse, in April to declare war on the gang.

President Trump is expected to give remarks on the effort to destroy the MS-13 gang on Friday in Long Island, NY around 130 pm EST.

Trump spoke at Suffolk County Community College in Brentwood.

In stark language, Trump said MS-13 members have stabbed, raped and murdered young people and "transformed peaceful parks and attractive quiet neighborhoods into blood-stained killing fields".

"As we commit to repairing and healing our communities, we know that Trump's divisiveness and xenophobia will not make us safer, nor will it help us achieve the structural changes that long-neglected communities like Brentwood and Central Islip need", said the groups in the Unity Statement.

Trump said he was focused on the gang because of its gruesome tactics, saying members don't like to shoot their victims because it kills them too quickly.

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Gang members are known for their ornate tattoos, which are meant to identify members for life, and the "devil's horn" hand symbol, which was created in the 1980s when numerous members would attend rock concerts in Los Angeles. This is in addition to his repeated campaign pledge to build a border wall, which Trump says will prevent migrants from illegally entering the country.

"It is the policy of this administration to dismantle, decimate and eradicate MS-13", he said. Although the majority of its estimated 30,000 members are based in Central America, U.S. officials believe that 6,000 members are scattered across 46 states in cities like Los Angeles-where the gang originated-Washington, D.C., and on Long Island in NY.

Security on the campus will be tight today, school officials have said.

President Donald Trump has arrived on Long Island to speak about the administration's crackdown on illegal immigration and violent crime as protesters awaited his arrival in a series of chants and speeches.

Trump is set to talk about taking down the notorious MS-13 gang and push forward his immigration agenda. "We got to tell people it's not okay to violate laws in this country".

President Trump, on Long Island, pledges to destroy MS-13