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Trump Says US Will Meet North Korean Threats With 'Fire and Fury'

09 August 2017

A Japanese defense paper and a US media report said Tuesday that North Korea may have successfully produced a miniaturized nuclear warhead that can fit inside its missiles.

North Korea says its intercontinental ballistic missiles (ICBMs) are a legitimate means of defence against perceived USA hostility.

President Donald Trump and his U.N. team, including Ambassador Nikki Haley and Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, have been pushing hard for weeks to build a consensus on sanctions against the pariah, rogue communist nation.

The newspaper said US intelligence officials have assessed that a decade after North Korea's first nuclear test explosion, Pyongyang has produced nuclear weapons for ballistic missile delivery, including by intercontinental missiles - the type capable of reaching the continental U.S.

But it is impossible to say whether the $1 billion slap will slow the most serious national security crisis facing President Donald Trump: Pyongyang's race to top an intercontinental ballistic missile that could hit United States soil with a nuclear warhead.

Trump early Tuesday tweeted: "After many years of failure, countries are coming together to finally address the dangers posed by North Korea".

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The same study says that while sanctions have yet to curb North Korea's nuclear program, increasing restrictions is the option that receives the most support from the American public - 76 percent. The Office of the Director of National Intelligence has not commented.

"I would tell you that we would be favorably inclined to do anything which furthers the defense capabilities of South Korea and we certainly have seen our alliance change and adapt over time before", Davis said. It's frighteningly relevant now, as Trump levels threats against North Korea.

Over the weekend, the U.N. Security Council voted 15-0 to impose harsh new sanctions against North Korea, largely for the two intercontinental missile launches - one of which nearly hit a French-registered commercial cargo ship traveling in the Japan Sea.

The CCGA poll comes after North Korea launched an improved ballistic missile with intercontinental range late last month - Pyongyang's second missile launch in less than a month. North Korea claimed to have tested the smaller design previous year, but that has not been confirmed.

The statement called the sanctions, which include prohibitions on North Korean exports of coal, iron and seafood, "a flagrant infringement upon its sovereignty".

"He [Kim Jong-un] has been very threatening, beyond a normal state", Trump said. He recently urged Attorney General Jeff Sessions to take a far more aggressive posture toward rooting out leakers.

Trump Says US Will Meet North Korean Threats With 'Fire and Fury'