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Regional diplomats reject Venezuela's assembly

10 August 2017

The also reportedly considering additional sanctions on Venezuelan individuals close to the Maduro government, after Washington froze assets of Maduro and 13 senior government officials last month in response to the Constituent Assembly vote.

Filled with Maduro supporters, it is expected to eventually take the place of the opposition-led National Assembly in a move that critics fear will erode democracy, and is expected to rewrite the Constitution at Maduro's behest.

Foreign ministers of 12 nations in the Americas met in Lima, Peru, on Tuesday to discuss the "critical situation in Venezuela" and to explore ways to achieve a "peaceful and negotiated" outcome.

Seventeen American countries have condemned the "democratic rupture of Venezuela's democratic order" and said that they will not recognize measures that the recently-elected Constitutional Assembly adopts in this country, because of "its illegitimate nature", dpa has reported.

The ANC also approved an agreement rejecting the unilateral measures imposed by the US government against Venezuela and reflected its support for President Nicolas Maduro against foreign threats.

The opposition to Maduro also faced another fight on Wednesday before the Supreme Court, which scheduled a hearing on charges against a Caracas-area opposition mayor.

Earlier on Tuesday, the United Nations slammed Venezuela for the use of excessive force against anti-government protesters.

This mission, Maradona said, "is the most sacred thing we have".

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His next action could be to deprive of parliamentary immunity of certain opposition mps to send them to jail.

Ortega has called the Constituent Assembly's election illegal, and said she would continue to be attorney general.

Opposition members refused to participate in the election for delegates to the constitutional assembly but have thus far been divided on taking part in the contests for governors.

At least 40 global leaders have called on Maduro not to launch the new Assembly, threating not to recognize it.

The assembly was expected to gather at the legislative palace in Caracas for the first time since voting Saturday to remove the nation's outspoken chief prosecutor, a move that drew condemnation from numerous same regional government that are sending representatives to the meeting in Peru's capital.

The cyber bullies hacked dozens of official websites managed by the Venezuelan government as an attempt to destabilize the Caracas regime. At least 124 people have been killed and hundreds more injured or detained during the protests.

Venezuelan Foreign Minister Jorge Arreaza told representatives from nations including Cuba and Bolivia that long-standing US aggressions against the South American nation have "entered a much stronger phase".

Regional diplomats reject Venezuela's assembly