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KFC's New Employee Training Game Is A Sick VR Nightmare

25 August 2017

The player must inspect every piece (for what?) before washing and rinsing and breading and shaking them. Employees fearless each section while a GLaDOS-like Colonel Sanders controls their every movement. New employees are given an Oculus Rift headset and asked to complete an eerie escape room, which is narrated by a sinister-sounding Colonel Sanders. Immediately after, a whole bag of chicken parts falls from the ceiling of the room.

Now, the company is applying that same "fuck it, it'll briefly distract people" approach to its employee training program, announcing today that it's created a VR game to teach the world's cash-poor, time-rich teens how to cook chicken. It all depends on two things: whether you play video games and, if you do, what kinds of games you play. The gamified experience takes about ten minutes, which is less than half of the 25-minute process in real-life KFC kitchens.

Colonel Sanders

Why is KFC using such a odd training game? Running of an Oculus Rift, the game takes the user through the five-step process of preparing an Original Recipe chicken. The person explained that the game is aimed at supplementing the training the company already had in place. "Now we have almost 19,000 trained cooks across the US, but they're still doing it by hand", said George Felix, director of advertising for KFC US, in a statement.

"The game is meant to supplement the existing Chicken Mastery program, not replace it", said a KFC representative. It's hard to imagine that employees will actually learn anything playing a horror game like this one.

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KFC's New Employee Training Game Is A Sick VR Nightmare