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Microsoft Is No Longer Selling The Original Xbox One

30 August 2017

It was a bulky console, sure, and we didn't really need the Kinect, but it was a marvel for Microsoft at the time, and introduced a plethora of features over the years that are now standard for the Xbox One S. Take care, old friend.

The first Xbox One had resembled a VCR unit back then and was $100 more than Sony's PlayStation 4, may be this is why Sony was a step ahead than Microsoft when it came to console.

It was during this month that store shelves were finally running out of the launch edition of the original Xbox One. The tech giant confirmed this week that they will no longer make the console's launch version in favor of its new line of consoles.

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The original Xbox One was first revealed in May 2013 at a highly criticized press conference. They also stopped developing Xbox 360. The company has already brought lot of changes to the Xbox One Console like Xbox Avatars and support for Original Xbox Backward Compatibility. The retail versions Xbox One X and Xbox One S are available in their online stores and for those who still want to settle for the Xbox One - refurbished models of Xbox One are available for $199.

Fortunately, Microsoft has gradually addressed that weakness with both the Xbox One S and Xbox One X, with the former introducing HDR and 4K Ultra HD Blu-Ray and Video Streaming while the latter is set to be the most powerful console in the world. Well from now on, the only Xbox One console you'll be able to purchase is the Xbox One S or the upcoming console, the Xbox One X.

Microsoft Is No Longer Selling The Original Xbox One