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Everything you might have missed from Nintendo's "Nindies" Switch Direct

01 September 2017

Additionally, if you're planning on venturing to Japan in late September, demonstration booths at the Tokyo Game Show will be on hand as well.

For those who are expecting updates on Switch for "Super Mario Odyssey", "Xenoblade Chronicles 2" and "FIFA 18", no mention was made of them in the recent showcase. Unofficial transcriptions of what Suda was really saying appeared online afterward, giving way more details about the Switch game than we English speakers got during the actual presentation stream. Why Travis's laser sword doesn't just slice through a baseball bat is something we can only chalk up to game mechanics or a low battery, though.

While it's good that the Nintendo Switch is receiving exclusive titles, we certainly would like to know more about the title since it has been touted as one of the heavy hitters of the indie lineup.

Nintendo has already a big list of games upcoming on Nintendo Switch majority indie games since Nintendo gave out a pretty much free license for every small studio to make games for the console. For one, you can obviously take the Nintendo Switch on the go.

The first game that Nintendo unveiled is Super Meat Boy's sequel. The premise is simple: find the game that your mother hid from you in each room of the house.

'Blade Runner 2049' prequel short introduces us to Niander Wallace
A new series of shorts plans to explain some of the important shifts in the mythology of replicants and replicant hunters. Wallace first solved world hunger with genetically engineered food in 2025, later buying the Tyrell 2028.

Mulaka is officially coming to the Nintendo Switch, it has been announced. Again, there's a mixture of new and old titles making the jump, such as The Flame in the Flood and Worms WMD, through to upcoming delights like Bomber Crew.

Nintendo also teased the 4v4 multiplayer game Morphies Law, in which players can shoot each other to increase their body weight and grow bigger.

Mom Hid My Game is one of the most freaky video games.

Even more impressive than the Switch's incredibly successful debut is what Nintendo has done with the console since it launched.

Everything you might have missed from Nintendo's