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Win one of 10 Star Wars Captain Phasma books

01 September 2017

The new Hot Toys' Cosbaby series will feature various iconic Star Wars characters, namely Luke Skywalker, Rey, Kylo Ren, and Captain Phasma.

XAutoplay: On | OffAhead of the December 15 release of "The Last Jedi, "Disney's (DIS) second-ever "Force Friday" event, comes complete with midnight store openings and never-before-seen toys and products, much like its predecessor two years ago".

Disney's three-day event - which commemorates the release of "Star Wars: The Last Jedi" - will allow fans to see TIE Fighters and a Star Destroyer through a free cellphone app if they are within a mile of one of 20 landmarks worldwide.

The companies described the new toy as a "rolling menace" and said that it was part of the Astromech unit of the First Order that keep their starships and machinery operational.

Star Wars The Last Jedi Force Friday II Hasbro

There aren't any other concrete details, so make of the picture what you will. Not only that, but BB-9E's head lights up, which isn't the case for the BB-8 toy. R2-D2 will retail for $179, while BB-9E will sell for $149.

Writer and director of The Last Jedi Rian Johnson took to Twitter to assure Star Wars enthusiasts that the incoming tie-in products for the movie don't contain plot spoilers of any kind. The new toys also include a special tray through which owners can practice driving them around and explore an AR experience that shows off new ships from the movies. "A lot of our data suggests R2 is everyone's favourite but we know that a lot of the newer fans are going to love BB-9E".

Luke changed, I think, more than the other characters in the original trilogy, from callow farm boy to a Jedi in training to finally a Jedi master. Soon-to-be-favorites such as Rose, BB-9E, and the adorable Porgs will also be available. Until then, fans would do best to halt their plot-avoiding (or plot-seeking, if they're actually searching for spoiler-y information) behaviors and rest easy.

If you're already in love with either toy or both, you won't have to wait long to get one.

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Win one of 10 Star Wars Captain Phasma books