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Destiny 2: What to Expect from the First Month

07 September 2017

On the heels of celebrating the biggest Beta in Bungie and Activision Publishing history, and after receiving almost 70 global awards and nominations to date, including industry behemoths "Best Multiplayer Game and Best Social/Online Game from gamescom award 2017", and "Best PC Game - Game Critics Awards: Best of E3 2017", the stage is set for Destiny 2, the sequel to the internationally acclaimed Destiny, to be one of the biggest launches of the year.

As we near the release dates for Destiny 2's expansions and future content, more details should become available. For a series first it's also coming to PC via Blizzard's launcher, but not until October 24.

Destiny 2 is out on now on PS4, Xbox One. "Destiny 2 has it all", said Eric Hirshberg, CEO of Activision. It's truly a trip down memory lane that is sure to bring out the feelings of any long-time Destiny player who undoubtedly found friendships or saw friendships grow on the game. Guided Games will help players find the right groups to tackle Destiny 2's many activities.

The PlayStation Japan YouTube channel released a trailer for the game that wasn't about the combat, the expansive world, or the sci-fi setting. To make up for the delay, PC players can play Destiny 2 with uncapped frame rates, 4K resolutions and support for 21:9 ultra-wide displays, leaving the console crowd totally in the dust. So, you'll get the game when it's 12 AM on 6th September in your country.

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Understandably, Bungie and Activision have been rather coy about what Destiny 2's story is really all about.

Until that happens, we now know that the story of Destiny 2 revolves around the destruction of The Last City and The Tower of Destiny. The Guardians from Destiny have been scattered and must regroup as the mantra of "claiming back our home" rings out across Bungie's promotional blurb.

In all my time playing the first Destiny, the one thing I took away from the game is that people love their dance emotes. "A great story. Awesome characters".

Destiny 2: What to Expect from the First Month