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Someone finally found a use for an Apple Watch

08 September 2017

But the Bombers filed a protest with the commissioner's office based on the Sox' use of electronics, which are prohibited in the dugout during games. It is believed that the Sox were using Apple Watch's and other tech devices to pick signs from the pitcher. "Obviously, I've played against the Yankees for 11 years".

REDS 7, BREWERS 1 Rookie Luis Castillo struck out 10 in his final start of the season, Zack Cozart and Jose Peraza homered, and host Cincinnati completed a three-game sweep of Milwaukee.

"I've never been a general manager, but I'm told sign stealing issues are often resolved by one general manager calling another general manager and saying, "Hey, I think you're doing X and if you're doing it, you better stop doing it, '" Manfred said".

"It's part of the game", the Red Sox's second baseman said, via ESPN. Signs can change from batter to batter and even pitch to pitch - the Yankees are a team that frequently has its catcher go out to the mound to tell pitchers to discuss what to throw.

That information was then relayed from the dug-out to the batter - giving him an advantage. The manager believes baseball should take its cue from the National Football League, where plays are sent directly to the quarterback through helmet radios.

"I don't really know what the rulebook says on that", Pedroia said of the use of an Apple Watch. "I'm sure we'll investigate and reach a resolution that preserves the integrity of the game".

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It's not strictly the passing of information that's the problem here - "stealing signs", the process whereby a pitcher's instruction is somehow relayed to the batter, is perfectly legal when done through traditional means; the difference here is that the Red Sox - now at the top of America's Eastern League Division - used technology to give themselves the advantage, which is against game rules.

Dombrowski said it was the first time a team he'd worked for had been formally accused of stealing signs.

Hicks and Gillett were hugely unpopular during their time at Anfield but Henry has restored Liverpool's fortunes, hiring the charismatic Jurgen Klopp as manager and funding the purchase of star players such as Luis Suarez, Philippe Coutinho and Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain.

The newspaper said the Red Sox told Major League Baseball investigators that Boston manager John Farrell, general Dave Dombrowski and other team executives were not aware of the scheme.

Asked if the Yankees are trying to steal signs within legal means, Girardi responded, " You can assume what you want".

There were three Kahnle changeups in particular that would raise suspicion that Red Sox hitters knew was type of pitch was coming. Founded in 1846, AP has covered all the major news events of the past 165 years, providing high-quality, informed reporting of everything from wars and elections to championship games and royal weddings. And I was talking to the trainer about what time I'm rehabbing the next day because I'm on the DL, I was on the DL. "It's the electronic equipment that creates the violation, and I think the rule against electronic equipment has a number of reasons behind it".

Someone finally found a use for an Apple Watch