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Sunny, dry and breezy weekend

11 September 2017

Highs will be back in the mid to upper 80s by Friday and the weekend. Today through Sunday we will enjoy cool morning in the mid to upper 50s. The forecast for Sunday is for "abundant sunshine" all day, with a high of around 72. Plenty of dry, sinking air underneath this feature will make for some very quiet weather across a large portion of the Mid-Atlantic and Northeast. Highs 70-76. Northeast wind 10 miles per hour or less. A few high clouds may advance into the area in association with Hurricane Irma, but a mostly sunny day is expected. "Although Irma will be much less intense than further southeast, there will likely be strong and gusty winds across eastern portions of the Midsouth".

Hurricane Irma's eye is moving away from the lower Florida Keys. Because of this, any decent rainfall should stay well south of the area. We will also probably get a little cooler Thursday as the winds shift to an onshore flow out of the east. A chance of showers will arrive beginning on Wednesday as the remnants of Hurricane Irma move closer to Mid-Michigan.

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The entire state of Florida will experience devastating winds and 1-2 feet of rain from Irma.

From there, the storm is expected to drift off to the west, toward Kentucky, Tennessee and Arkansas as a tropical depression. Once the storm turns to a more northerly course, as it is expected to do, it will quickly regain strength over the warm waters of the Florida Straits and nearly certainly will remain a major hurricane. Jose is a category four hurricane located behind Irma. In a cruel twist of fate, Jose will impact some of the small northern Leeward Islands just devastated by Hurricane Irma earlier this week, but it won't be as crippling of a strike.

Sunny, dry and breezy weekend