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Members of Oxford's mosques protest against Rohingya crisis in Myanmar

13 September 2017

Attaullah Faizani, an organizer of the demonstration, told Anadolu Agency on the occasion that the goal of protest is to express solidarity with the Muslims in need. The photos emerging from the border between the two countries show these people's desperate situation.

Iranian worshipers have staged rallies in Tehran and many other cities to express their outrage at the ongoing brutal violence against the Rohingya Muslims in Myanmar.

Small solar panels are everywhere in the makeshift refugee camp that has sprouted up to accommodate numerous more than 270,000 people the United Nations says have entered Bangladesh since the violence started.

But even in these dire circumstances, many Rohingya have brought with them spices from their homeland: pungent red chillies drying on plastic sheets; fiery chutneys in battered boxes; dried beef in bamboo cases.

The violence erupted following an attack by a Rohingya insurgent group on police and military posts in Rakhine, leading to a violent offensive by the Myanmar Army. Her comments on the issue also indicate that the pressure from global community is not enough to stop the government of Myanmar against the genocide of the Rohingya Muslims - more must be done.

Ali described actions following the militant attacks on security forces on August 25 as "revenge" by Myanmar troops.

Most live in the impoverished western state of Rakhine but are denied citizenship and harassed by restrictions on movement and work.

Fresh violence erupted in Rakhine state almost two weeks ago when security forces launched an operation against the Rohingya. "Should all people be killed?"

The diplomatic parlance of the Indian establishment over its decision to not sign the declaration aside, the fact is that India has been trying to shut its doors on the Rohingya Muslims who are fleeing Myanmar amid mass killings of members of the community by the Myanmar Army.

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Emine Erdogan lauded Bangladesh for sheltering the Rohingya Muslims.

India also faces the problem of Rohingyas fleeing into the states bordering Myanmar.

An exhausted Rohingya mother arrives at Kutupalong refugee camp earlier this week.

A Rohingya refugee woman wiping her tears after crossing the border at Teknaf, Bangladesh.

De facto leader Aung San Suu Kyi has faced widespread criticism for her stance on the Rohingya.

The government has said it would deport all Rohingyas living in India illegally but the Supreme Court has said that it will hear on September 11 a plea seeking a direction to the central government not to deport about 40,000 such refugees back to Myanmar.

The Myanmar government said 421 people had died.

It has also taken note of the statement of the Muslim organisations that they had demanded refugee status for the Rohingya Muslims.

Members of Oxford's mosques protest against Rohingya crisis in Myanmar