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Tillerson Admits Difficulty of UN Agreement on N. Korean Oil Embargo

16 September 2017

Before returning to Washington, Tillerson is due to address a press conference with his British counterpart Boris Johnson.

Tillerson recalled the preamble of the agreement, which expected the deal "will positively contribute to regional and global peace and security", and contrasted it with the regime's continued malign activity in the region.

The move announced by European Union headquarters Thursday follows the Security Council resolution of August 5, which bans North Korea from exporting coal, iron, lead and seafood products estimated to be worth over $1 billion. "We look forward to continuing this long relationship".

"United Nations Security Council resolutions, including the most recent unanimous sanctions resolution, represent the floor, not the ceiling, of the actions we should take", he said.

Downing Street said Mrs May also raised the Iran nuclear deal - loathed by Donald Trump - "underlining its importance in preventing Iran procuring nuclear weapons".

These continued provocations only deepen North Korea's diplomatic and economic isolation, he added.

Sunny, dry and breezy weekend
From there, the storm is expected to drift off to the west, toward Kentucky, Tennessee and Arkansas as a tropical depression. A chance of showers will arrive beginning on Wednesday as the remnants of Hurricane Irma move closer to Mid-Michigan.

In response, the U.N. Security Council on Monday again voted unanimously on a US -led resolution imposing a new round of sanctions on Pyongyang, banning textile exports and capping fuel supplies.

Thursday's talks in London also addressed the response to Hurricane Irma, which has caused havoc in the southeastern United States and the Caribbean, where Britain and France have dependent territories.

Johnson was scheduled to host separate talks on Libya with Tillerson, de Riviere and officials from the United Nations, Italy, Egypt and the United Arab Emirates, his office said. "Close coordination with our allies is vital for both the short-term and long-term recovery efforts", Johnson was quoted as saying Wednesday ahead of the meeting.

The meeting is meant to try and find a way to break the political deadlock in Libya and bring stability to the North African country in a bid to help deal with the issue of illegal migration.

'Britain will continue to work closely alongside our partners to tackle the shared challenges we face worldwide'.

Tillerson Admits Difficulty of UN Agreement on N. Korean Oil Embargo