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Mobile throttling threshold raised to 50GB as "unlimited" war rages

20 September 2017

CEO John Legere said in a conference call after the recent Netflix announcement that "T-Mobile is in the business of selling T-Mobile ONE plans", as opposed to trying to bundle other types of vertically integrated content like AT&T's DirecTV and Verizon's Go90. Once you enter a new billing cycle, your usage resets and your data usage will stop being deprioritized until you hit 50GB in a single cycle again.

To make matters worse, many of these plans have additional caveats. T-Mobile is the one doing the tweaking today, confirming rumors that we heard earlier this morning. Sprint sets its limit at 23GB, while T-Mobile previously bettered the completion with a 32GB prioritization point. You can enjoy fast (well, if it's fast in your area) data as promised, but once you reach that data cap, in this case, T-Mobile's supposed 50GB threshold, you will experience reduced speeds during network congestion hours. Oh, there are still limits, of course, but Tmo isn't alone there.

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Ever since smartphones began demanding more data, smartphone providers had no choice but to implement a soft data cap or deprioritize heavy data users in favor of those who use less data. Your mobile data will likely slow down when the network is congested during the day, but it might be fine at other times. Verizon's Beyond Unlimited and T-Mobile's One Plus plans run an additional $10 per month, per line.

Mobile throttling threshold raised to 50GB as